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Anno Accademico 2019/2020
Tipo incarico Dottorato
Insegnamento 053523 - SCIENTIFIC PRODUCTION
Docente Rampino Lucia Rosa Elena
Cfu 10.00 Tipo insegnamento Monodisciplinare

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To obtain their PhD, all candidates are required to publish at least two conference papers or one journal article in a referred Research Journal. In their papers, PhD candidates will describe the main findings of their research activity and the methodology applied to obtain such results. To guarantee the quality of their papers, PhD students should carefully plan the research methodology and clearly define the positioning of their research topic. Therefore, the course starts at the beginning of the first year, with two introductory lectures on research methodology and on the visualization of the research process. 

Then, for each candidate, the publishing activity typically starts at their second year, and culminates in their third year. To match this timing, a second group of lectures are scheduled when candidates enter in their second year. During such lectures, the reasons behind the urge of academic people to publish their research results will be discussed and a list of the most renowned Research Journals in the field of Design will be presented together with the WOS and Scopus databases. Moreover, suggestions on how to choose the right international conferences for submitting a paper will be given.

Finally, each candidate in need of advice on his/her publication strategy, will have the possibility to book a meeting with the course professors. 

Note Sulla Modalità di valutazione

To pass the course, all PhD candidates will be required to submit two papers or one journal article for approval.

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Risorsa bibliografica facoltativaP. Volonté, L. Rampino, and S. Colombo,, The Specificity of Design Research: How Practice-Based Design Knowledge Can Enter the Great Archive of Science, Editore: Dordrecht: Springer, Anno edizione: 2018, ISBN: 978-3-319-73301-2
Risorsa bibliografica facoltativaL. Rampino (ed.), Design Research: Between Scientific Method and Project Praxis. Notes on Doctoral Research in Design 2012, Editore: Franco Angeli, Anno edizione: 2012, ISBN: 9788820405809
Risorsa bibliografica facoltativaVisualizing Research: a guide to the research process in Art and Design http://www.visualizingresearch.info/index.htm

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