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Anno Accademico 2017/2018
Tipo incarico Dottorato
Insegnamento 098577 - RESEARCH MANAGEMENT
Docente Urgo Marcello
Cfu 5.00 Tipo insegnamento Monodisciplinare

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Research Management

Politecnico di Milano



Goal of the course

The aim of the course is at providing the knowledge related to research funding opportunities and to develop the required skills to prepare a research proposal, to manage a research project and to exploit the research outcomes. The main goal is the development of the expertise for cooperative research, with a special focus on research funded by public bodies.

The lectures will be given by national and international lecturers with experience in research projects (European Commission officers, representatives of industrial groups, experts in writing and managing research projects, officers of the Technology Transfer Office of the Politecnico di Milano).

The course consists of teaching lessons, practical training on specific subjects, writing a simplified research proposal. The final examination will be done through a “Proposal Evaluation Laboratory” simulating the real process of evaluating research proposals.


Coordinators:    Prof. Tullio Tolio, Dr. Ing. Marcello Urgo


Course Syllabus

  1. Gaining access to research funding:
    • The role of the research and the research funding.
    • A focus at the international level: Horizon 2020.
    • Research funding at national and regional level.
    • Research in Industry.
  2. Drawing up a research proposal:
    • Formalizing a research idea.
    • Assessing the impact of the results.
    • Call for proposals in Horizon 2020 (work programme, call fiche, templates).
    • Structuring a research proposal (work breakdown structure, milestones, deliverables).
  3. Formal aspects in the definition of a research proposal:
    • Agreements (Letter of Intent, Non Disclosure Agreement, Consortium Agreement).
    • Definition of the budget.
    • Dissemination and protection of the results (patents, technology transfer, start-up).
  4. Management of a research project.
  5. Evaluation process of a research proposal.

Teaching Organization

Lectures; a project work consisting in drawing up a small research proposal (students are divided into working groups); evaluation of the proposal by two external referees, final exam consisting in a laboratory simulating the real evaluation process at the EC.


Teaching Material

The slides of the lectures, the material related to the call for proposals and the guidelines for drawing them up are available on the course web-site. Further material related to specific topics of the lectures will be also provided by the lecturers.


Learning Evaluation

Evaluation of the project work by 2 referees. (group evaluation).

Final laboratory simulating the proposals’ evaluation process at the European Commission (individual evaluation).



Note Sulla Modalità di valutazione

Writing of a project work evaluated by external referees. (group evaluation).

Final laboratory simulating the proposals’ evaluation process (individual evaluation).

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Calendario testuale dell'attività didattica

The course will be organized in an intensive form, i.e., in a full week with lectures and laboratories both in the morning and in the afternoon.


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laboratorio informatico
laboratorio sperimentale
laboratorio di progetto

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Disponibilità di materiale didattico/slides in lingua inglese
Disponibilità di libri di testo/bibliografia in lingua inglese
Possibilità di sostenere l'esame in lingua inglese
Disponibilità di supporto didattico in lingua inglese

Note Docente
The exact period for the course is being defined grounding on the availability of the guest lecturers. Students will be informed as soon as it will be fixed.
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