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Anno Accademico 2014/2015
Scuola Scuola di Architettura e Società
Insegnamento 095161 - SOCIAL CHANGE
Docente Maestripieri Lara Ivana
Cfu 4.00 Tipo insegnamento Monodisciplinare

Corso di Studi Codice Piano di Studio preventivamente approvato Da (compreso) A (escluso) Nome Sezione Insegnamento
Arc - Urb - Cost (1 liv.)(ord. 270) - MI (1145) SCIENZE DELL'ARCHITETTURAAUPAZZZZ095161 - SOCIAL CHANGE
Arc - Urb - Cost (1 liv.)(ord. 270) - MI (1149) URBANISTICAUPAAZZZZ095161 - SOCIAL CHANGE

Programma dettagliato e risultati di apprendimento attesi
The course in “Social Change” will offer an introduction to sociology for architects and urban planners. The course is divided in two sections (introductory + monographic): the first part will introduce students to the main themes of sociology, starting from the classical authors of the beginning of XXI century to the analysis of the main transformations occurred in the last decades during the transition to post-industrial society. The second part will deepen the knowledge of students about three main drivers of social change in contemporary societies: the tertiarisation of labor markets, the new social risks and the globalization. The monographic part will be completed by interventions of external experts (sociologists, architects and urban planners): they will describe the most important consequences of contemporary social changes on cities and way of living through on-going researches.

Attending students will be involved in an exercise to be done in group: they will carry out a work about one of the three drivers of change presented during the monographic part of the course. Presentations of groups’ work will be part of the program and the two final lessons will be devoted to an open discussion of their works. Prof. Maestripieri will give students several review opportunities to guide students in their empirical and/or theoretical exercise.

Non-attending students will be required to study a research monograph about one of these themes:

- Tertiarisation and Knowledge Society: G. Standing "The Precariat"

- The new social risks: C. Ranci "Social Vulnerability in Europe"

- The global city: S. Sassen "The global city"

Additional papers will be given by the professor at the end of each lesson. They will be upload on the beep platform and they will constitute compulsory material of the final written exam for attending and non-attending students.

Note Sulla Modalità di valutazione

Attending students: written exam on lessons' papers + exercise

Non-attending students: written exam on lessons' papers + oral exam on a research monograph

Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaGuy Standing, The Precariat. The New Dangerous Class , Editore: Bloomsbury Academic, Anno edizione: 2011, ISBN: 978-1-84966-351-9
Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaRanci Costanzo, Social Vulnerability in Europe, Editore: Palgrave Macmillan, Anno edizione: 2010, ISBN: 9780230580916
Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaSassen, Saskia, The Global city : New York, London, Tokyo, Editore: Princeton University Press, Anno edizione: 1991, ISBN: 0691078661

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