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Scheda Riassuntiva
Anno Accademico 2020/2021
Scuola Scuola del Design
Docente Baldi Claudia , Iannilli Valeria Maria , Spagnoli Alessandra
Cfu 15.00 Tipo insegnamento Laboratorio
Didattica innovativa L'insegnamento prevede  2.0  CFU erogati con Didattica Innovativa come segue:
  • MOOC

Corso di Studi Codice Piano di Studio preventivamente approvato Da (compreso) A (escluso) Nome Sezione Insegnamento

Obiettivi dell'insegnamento

The course faces the themes on fashion system-product, representation and display systems, as well as those on territorial systems in which the project is set up. Skills in the fashion retail sector, above all in relation to shopping experience, in relations and emotive exchanges between companies and the reference public.

Risultati di apprendimento attesi

- know and understand the processes, methods and instruments for interpreting, in a critical manner, the themes of the project tied to the shopping experience, in relations and in emotive exchanges between companies and the reference public;
- can elaborate a project with particular attention on the fashion design and merchandising aspects;
- autonomously and in group, operate and communicate the design choices made, developing attitudes for negotiation, team building, leadership and conflict handling

Argomenti trattati


The Course leads to the concept definition of a new Smart retail experience, through a research process that synthesize design goals, technological constraints, market context and consumption trends for a consumers’ group of reference.

The Course offers:

-  Theoretical Lessons,

-  Instrumental Lectures,

-  Lectures with Guest Speakers

-  Working hours In Class.

The lectures are designed to introduce and clarify the topics being covered in the course, and to relate those topics to retail design. Lecture slides for each class and other related materials are available on Beep platform.

The Course assigns a team assignment ( Smart Retail Experience)  of which one part will be carried out individually


The main goal of the RETAIL AND MERCHANDISING DESIGN STUDIO  is the comprehensive training of students in the field

of smart retail design. The aims to present the whole design process for a concept smart retail, covering phases, activities, and tools.

This training involves the acquisition of the following capacities:

  • The capacity for Creativity
  • The capacity for Strategic Thinking
  • The capacity for Research
  • The capacity for Multi-disciplinary
  • The capacity to Present and communicate designs
  • The capacity to Construct design proposals



There are no pre-requisites for attendance.

Modalità di valutazione


Students, grouped in teams, are required to develop a concept retail - design brief - following a methodological path supported by theoretical and instrumental lectures and tools. 

  • Students are required to develop the assignment under the supervision of professors and teaching assistants;
  • During working hours, students are required to work in class on their team assignment with their teammates;
  • During working hours each team will meet professors and tutor on a weekly basis to present their work-in-progress;
  • Reviews with professors and Tutor are addressing and sharing meetings on methods and contents;
  • Reviews aim, on one hand, to sharing developed activities and in progress work and, on the other one, to receive comments and suggestions to improve and continue the project;
  • Weekly reviews are mandatory. 

The evaluation of each assignment will cover the following aspects:

Research skills and critical thinking: Understanding of the Brief; quality, level of definition and consistency of the research; quality of sources;

Creativity and design attitude: Capability to give a critical and original design solution;

Representation skills and graphic project: quality, accuracy of freehand, and computer assisted drawing skills, quality of graphic elements to support the visual presentation of the project (graphic layout, color fidelity, image quality and definition, etc.);

Communication skills: Quality of the oral presentation, structure of the oral presentation;

Team collaboration: Equal share of workload among team members, cohesiveness, and fairness;

Motivation and participation: Timeliness, accountability, active and critical participation during lectures and reviews. Motivation and active participation will be measure also using a peer-to-peer evaluation system, consisting in a team self-evaluation by each team members for each required delivery.

The final evaluation will not be based on the arithmetic mean of all grades but will be based on the assessment of the gradual qualitative advancement, in relation to the above mentioned aspects, demonstrated by each team and each team member through the sequence of assignments and activities planned.

Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaValeria M. Iannilli, Visual Retailing. Shaping The Sense Of Spaces, Editore: Esculapio, Bologna, Anno edizione: 2016, ISBN: 9788874889549
Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaValeria M. Iannilli, Fashion Retail. Visualizzazione e rappresentazione del sistema prodotto moda., Editore: Franco Angeli,, Anno edizione: 2010, ISBN: 9788856800746
Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaValeria M. Iannilli,, Retailing Made in Italy: An Evolutionary Reading towards Emerging Paradigms/ Fashion Practice - Special Issue "Re-Designing the Made in Italy",, Editore: Bloomsbury Publishing, Anno edizione: 2014 http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.2752/175693814X14035303880678?journalCode=rffp20#.VceMeqww_Z4

Forme didattiche
Tipo Forma Didattica Ore di attività svolte in aula
Ore di studio autonome
Laboratorio Informatico
Laboratorio Sperimentale
Laboratorio Di Progetto
Totale 150:00 225:00

Informazioni in lingua inglese a supporto dell'internazionalizzazione
Insegnamento erogato in lingua Inglese
Disponibilità di materiale didattico/slides in lingua inglese
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Possibilità di sostenere l'esame in lingua inglese
Disponibilità di supporto didattico in lingua inglese

Note Docente
This program has been designed to be delivered in the presence of people, hoping to overcome the health emergency linked to COVID 19.
In the event of a prolonged health emergency, the timetable could vary, providing for the introduction (in part or in full) of online educational activities.
More detailed information on the methods of provision and access, as well as the indications relating to security protocols and social distancing, will be available on the University and School website. More details on teaching will be communicated by the teachers in the manner provided.
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