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Scheda Riassuntiva
Anno Accademico 2020/2021
Scuola Scuola del Design
Insegnamento 055201 - INTERIOR YACHT DESIGN
Docente Bionda Arianna
Cfu 6.00 Tipo insegnamento Corso Integrato

Corso di Studi Codice Piano di Studio preventivamente approvato Da (compreso) A (escluso) Nome Sezione Insegnamento
Des (1 liv.)(ord. 270) - BV (1087) DESIGN DEGLI INTERNI***AZZZZ055201 - INTERIOR YACHT DESIGN

Obiettivi dell'insegnamento

The course provides the tools for managing the design of a sailing boat or a motor yacht interior from concept to the General Arrangement and to technical drawings. Through case studies and a workshop project the course explore the role of the interior yacht design in generating the yacht concept and shapes. This course is proposed by the School as an optional teaching group with innovative education characteristics that support in both design for small spaces and design for luxury market.

Risultati di apprendimento attesi

Students will be able to:

·      understand and analyse the market and client needs

·      develop a coherent moodboard and styleboard to support the concept brief;

·      propose interior yacht design concepts;

·      develop an interior general arrangement taking to account the exterior yacht design, weight calculation, stability and system integration;

·      design interior custom furniture and define the materials board


Furthermore, students will develop planning soft skills on problem setting and problem solving and communication soft skill on working in multicultural groups and manage interpersonal conflicts.

Argomenti trattati

A yacht, whether sailing boat or motor yacht, made in series or a one-off, is a complex product that integrates several systems. Every decision about design, ergonomics, materials, equilibrium, stability and system, affects all the others. The course takes this complexity into account and proposes a multidisciplinary approach, together with the system of design methods and tools, to the design of yacht interiors.

The course program consists in a theoretical part with case studies and in a design project work on interior yacht design.

The theory presents the following topics:

·         Yacht Design: principles, methods, and representation tools

·         Yacht design market, historical evolution and trends

·         Basics on Naval Architecture: hull geometry, boat statics, hydrodynamics, weight calculation, and stability

·         Basic on construction materials and systems: understanding the implication in a interior yacht design project

·         Interior Yacht Design: distribution of space and functional organisation, ergonomics, styles and materials


Knowleadge on Interior Design and Product Design are preferable.

Students have to be skilled in 2d cad drawing and 3d modeling (any software).

Modalità di valutazione

Student will be evaluated on the results of class activities and class interaction as well as on final presentation of the developed projects. Knowledge acquired during case studies and frontal lectures will be monitored through in class feedback session. Grades will be for single student.


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Forme didattiche
Tipo Forma Didattica Ore di attività svolte in aula
Ore di studio autonome
Laboratorio Informatico
Laboratorio Sperimentale
Laboratorio Di Progetto
Totale 50:00 100:00

Informazioni in lingua inglese a supporto dell'internazionalizzazione
Insegnamento erogato in lingua Inglese
Disponibilità di materiale didattico/slides in lingua inglese
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Disponibilità di supporto didattico in lingua inglese

Note Docente
This program has been designed to be delivered in the presence of people, hoping to overcome the health emergency linked to COVID 19.
In the event of a prolonged health emergency, the timetable could vary, providing for the introduction (in part or in full) of online educational activities.
More detailed information on the methods of provision and access, as well as the indications relating to security protocols and social distancing, will be available on the University and School website. More details on teaching will be communicated by the teachers in the manner provided.
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