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Anno Accademico 2019/2020
Tipo incarico Dottorato
Insegnamento 051990 - INDUSTRIAL SKILLS
Docente Biscari Paolo
Cfu 5.00 Tipo insegnamento Monodisciplinare

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The 'Industrial Skills' course is aimed at developing and enhancing in the young doctoral candidates a system of skills for the development and management of innovation in industrial firms and services.

In the 2020 edition, the course will include a new part intended to develop the transferable group-working skills of PhD candidates, through hands-on training sessions in which multidisciplinary groups will be invited to tackle practical problems inspired by industrial research.

The course provides also useful elements to guide the professional careers to the market, by optimizing the relationship between the characteristics required in the different target destinations and the personal system of motivation and behavioral skills.

The didactic approach with which the lessons will be conducted is mainly experiential (testimonies, exercises, simulations), supported by a didactic framing (models for organizing experiences in a more structured methodology facility).
Exercises are designed as experiences with interactive questions and answers sessions.

The course includes the following topics

- What is innovation
- Innovation in different contexts
- Effective Group Working
- Communicating innovation
- Exercise and simulate a communication plan
- Managing Yourself
- Self-assessment
- Final Examination

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Course calendar All classes will be held online on the Microsoft Teams platform. Further information will be distributed, with links for participating in the classes Tue 28 Apr, 14 - 18: Veca, Ravasio, What is innovation? Wed 29 Apr, 14 - 18: Pizzuto, Lucca, Complexity and disruptive innovation Tue 5 May, 14 - 18: Career Service, Communication skills Wed 6 May, 14 - 18: Career Service, Group dynamics: negotiating, decision making Tue 12 May, 14 - 18: Mazzoleni, Neri, Managing Complexity, Innovation & AI Wed 13 May, 14 - 18: De Bellis, Abrate, Explicit examples: Energy management, avionic Thu 14 May, 14 - 16: Facilitators Brainstorming ¿ project assignation Formation of 6 groups with max 6 candidates each Until 2 Jun, Team working ¿ each group meets and meet the facilitators Wed 3 Jun, 14 - 18: Career Service, Group assessment Thu 4 Jun, 14 - 18: Career Service, Group assessment 8 - 12 Jun, TBD, Exams, Groups present their results to facilitator and evaluators Presence is mandatory. Candidates missing more than one lesson day will not be able to earn course credits.


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