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Anno Accademico 2019/2020
Scuola Scuola del Design
Insegnamento 054810 - DESIGN NARRATIVES
Docente Auricchio Valentina , Mortati Marzia
Cfu 6.00 Tipo insegnamento Corso Integrato

Corso di Studi Codice Piano di Studio preventivamente approvato Da (compreso) A (escluso) Nome Sezione Insegnamento

Obiettivi dell'insegnamento

The course aims to provide students with an investigation method within the project representation systems, with particular focus on the product dimension and its communicative additions.
The course is therefore intended as an investigation tool in the "overwritten" universe of visual culture, as well as an active design tool for maturing the awareness which is the ability to "build" stories as an integrated part of the design process. The aim of the course is to build those skills and tools required to enable the generation of forms of visual narrative in the design trajectory, above all where the elements that have to be expressed in the story are qualitative, conceptual and abstract, as typically occurs when complex scenarios are described in physical, immaterial, relationship contents and in period of time. These skills hybridise knowledge from the visual explanation area and figurative/visual semiotics that, on one hand, help to decode or build contexts of visual meaning and, on the other side, introduce to symbolic, allusive, abstract and conceptual language and translate them into visual texts.

Risultati di apprendimento attesi

- know and understand the instruments that are necessary for returning the project road in a visual story form;
- can translate the visual texts into a suitable language (style, symobology, references);
- can communicate the project autonomously.

Argomenti trattati

The aim of the course is to allow students to achieve conceptual tools for a critical understanding of a project and to narrate it. During the classes students will be exercising (practicing) a critical perspective on the present, going back in time to recover references in history for a better understanding of what is being observed today. Developing criticism and understanding of the present will also allow the students to reflect on the social role of design today and how one may develop their own social and critical utopia for the future of their personal view of the design profession.

Lectures will alternate with moments of individual and group research and the presentation in the classroom of projects conducted individually or in groups. Some guests will be invited to make a contribution by narrating their experience. Because of the dialogical nature of the course, a regular attendance is recommended.


There are no pre-requisites for attendance.

Modalità di valutazione

Students will be evaluated during the course in single and group activities and at the end of the course they will undertake an individual examination based on the bibliography and their personal growth.

Risorsa bibliografica facoltativaRodari, G., The Grammar of Fantasy: An Introduction to the Art of Inventing Stories, Editore: Teachers & Writers Collaborative, Anno edizione: 1996

orig. Grammatica della fantasia (1973)

Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaMaldonado, T., Design, nature and revolution, Editore: University Of Minnesota Press, Anno edizione: 2019

orig. La speranza progettuale (1972)

Risorsa bibliografica facoltativaGladwell, M., Blink: The power of thinking without thinking, Editore: Little, Brown and Co., Anno edizione: 2005
Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaDomingos, P., The Master Algorithm. How the quest for the ultimate learning machine will remake our world, Editore: Bollati Boringhieri, Anno edizione: 2016 https://www.amazon.it/Master-Algorithm-Ultimate-Learning-Machine/dp/0241004543

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