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Anno Accademico 2019/2020
Scuola Scuola di Architettura Urbanistica Ingegneria delle Costruzioni
Insegnamento 097636 - ACOUSTICS IN BUILDINGS
Docente Mazzarella Livio
Cfu 6.00 Tipo insegnamento Monodisciplinare

Corso di Studi Codice Piano di Studio preventivamente approvato Da (compreso) A (escluso) Nome Sezione Insegnamento

Obiettivi dell'insegnamento

The course aims to provide the base knowledge and tools for the analysis of the generation, propagation, reception and perception of sound in various human activities. This course will introduce to the comprehension of  acoustics phenomena in buildings and, in particular,  the understanding of definitions and physical concepts of various involved acoustical features will be emphasized. Physical modelling and mathematical formulation for analysing the sound will be also covered together with their applications to architecture (i.e. buildings noise protection and indoor sound quality). The course will also deliver competence in building acoustics for design of buildings and rooms in buildings so that the acoustic environment fulfils the requirements from community and users. Competence should include understanding the effect of noise loads from internal and external sources and the use of theoretical and empirical methods to design buildings with satisfying sound insulation against noise.

Risultati di apprendimento attesi


- Knowledge of basic theory on sound generation and propagation together with some basic theory on mechanics of vibration
- Knowledge of basic theory and practical principles of airborne and impact sound insulation in buildings
- Knowledge of sound propagation in rooms, sound perception, acoustic regulation and sound absorbents


- Be able to understand and analyse acoustic phenomena in buildings
- Be able to design relevant solutions for separating structures with respect to impact sound and airborne sound including flank transmission  
- Be able to design furnishing and surfaces in rooms to get good room acoustic conditions in all building types

General competence: 

- Have developed the ability of critical analysis of acoustics phenomena in buildings 
- Have developed the ability to understand their physical base and to adopt new theory that will be needed in the future.

Argomenti trattati



1. Introduction

1.1 Short History of Acoustics

1.2 Basic Knowledge about Sound and Vibration

1.3 Harmonic Functions and Phasors

1.4 Mechanical Vibrations

1.5 Equivalent Electrical Circuit

1.6 Impedance and Admittance

1.7 Linear Combination of Simple harmonic Oscillators

1.8 Harmonic Analysis: Fourier Series and Fourier Transform

2. Fundamentals of Oscillations and Wave Motion

2.1 Simple Oscillators

2.2 Linear Array of Oscillators

2.3 Wave Propagation

2.4 Wave Diagram

2.5 Waves in Flexible String

2.6 Standing Wave and Normal Modes in String

2.7 Waves in String Driven from One End

3. Wave Equation for Sound Propagation in Gas media

3.1 Derivation of Wave Equation

3.2 Wave Equation for a Fluid medium in Motion

3.3 Thermodynamic Condition for Sound Propagation

3.4 Compressibility

3.5 Linearized Equations

3.6 Velocity Potential Expression

3.7 Speed of Sound

3.8 Acoustic Energy Quantities

3.9 Plane Waves (1-D Waves)

3.10 Arbitrary Plane Waves

3.11 3-D Waves

3.12 Rays and Waves*

3.13 Complex Sound Intensity*

4. Outdoor sound propagation

4.1 Ideal sound propagation (spreading losses)

4.2  Sound attenuation

4.3 Attenuation by atmospheric absorption

4.4 Reflection from the surface of a solid

4.5 Attenuation over the ground

4.6 Refraction

4.7 Diffraction

11 Sound reduction

5. Sound Reflection and Transmission at Discontinuities

5.1 Oblique Incidence

5.2 Reflection at a Solid or Porous Surface*

5.3 Normal Incidence

5.4 Sound Transmission through Rigid Infinite Walls

5.5 Sound Transmission through Flexible Infinite Walls

5.6 A Generalized Derivation of Mass Law

5.7 Evanescent Waves*

6. Absorption and Attenuation of Sound

6.1 Effect of Viscosity

6.2 Effect of Heat Conduction

6.3 Molecular Thermal Relaxation*

6.4 Sound Absorbing Materials*

7. Room Acoustics

7.1 Sound propagation in rooms:

7.1.1 the sound field at an impedance interface

7.1.2  physical room acoustics,

7.1.3 geometrical room acoustics,

7.1.4 statistical room acoustics,

7.1.5 diffuse sound fields

7.2 Reverberation and reverberation time

7.3 Acoustic insulation

8. Architectural acoustics

8.1 Interior space acoustics

8.2 Sound quality index



The applications are based on assigned practical problems which will be solved with the aid of preformed Excel spreadsheets. Each student will complete them to solve the assigned problems in the appropriate way.

Before tutors explain the topics and give a tutorial to the specific problem solution.



Calculus knowledge is required with reference to complex numbers, derivatives, integrals, ordinary and partial derivatives equations. Knowledge of continuum mechanics basic principia and constitutive laws is advised.

Modalità di valutazione

Final written and oral examination on the main course topics.  In the written examination the student has to answer to four open questions aming to assess the ability of:

  •  understanding and analysing acoustic phenomena in buildings;
  • proposing solutions for the relevant acoustical problems arising in buildings constructions

Correction and discussion on the written answers constitute the oral examination.


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