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Anno Accademico 2018/2019
Scuola Scuola del Design
Insegnamento 099948 - INNOVATION STUDIO
Docente Broadbent Stefana Maja , Capuani Michele , Ruggieri Lorenzo
Cfu 12.00 Tipo insegnamento Laboratorio

Corso di Studi Codice Piano di Studio preventivamente approvato Da (compreso) A (escluso) Nome Sezione Insegnamento

Obiettivi dell'insegnamento

The objective is to introduce students to the complexity of a product-service system project, through process exploration and understanding from “concept” to real product. Innovation Studio guides students through the development of a project idea in the form of a product pre-series, which involves consideration of the whole production chain, the services connected with it and digital technology, communication and interaction aspects, social and market factors.

Risultati di apprendimento attesi

- know and understand the definition of product-service system and its design implications;
- know how to understand a problem, understand a project briefing and elaborate a counter-briefing;
- know how to develop innovative projects both autonomously and in a group, sharing and communicating the project choices made, developing attitudes for negotiation, leadership and conflict handling.

Argomenti trattati

“Health&Wealth” | Smart ideas for healthier lifestyle

DETAILED PROGRAMME Design is a very competitive marketplace; finding a foothold and competing successfully requires a unique blend of personal creativity, sustained focus and application, as well as knowledge of current material and manufacturing techniques, and know-how of marketing & communication. Entering this new step of your professional lives, the precise design context awaiting each of you will almost certainly involve you harnessing the proactive attitudes, skills and methodologies you have been learning to create attractive and competitive products and services. The Innovation Studio aims at stimulating the entrepreneurial attitude in each student, and at providing an experience that is as close as possible to the real design profession of today. To do this, it pushes students to stretching their design knowledge and skills, while engaging them with real users and clients to prove the talent they have been developing as post-graduates.

THE SUBJECT The Innovation Studio workson a topic named "Heath&Wealth” and is focused on how to design products-service system solutions to improve the lives of people and prevent major social diseases in Western societies.The course will explore conventional and unconventional contexts for Health&Wealth, working moreon the change of lifestyle rather than on drug treatment. In particular, the course follows the principle that to take care of people is the work of doctors, to improve their lifestyle is the mission of designers.Students' answers will concern the design of products and services that guide and support people, in an epochal change of lifestyle that our society still needs to do.

OUTCOMES The course stimulates the students to develop a professional and holistic approach to PSS Design. It provides a methodology that integrates research, design and prototyping, project development and implementation.On completing the studio each student is expected to be able to:

* research on contexts of use and verify the potential customer's demand

* work within open-ended frameworks, requiring self-reliance and risk-evaluation

* have a robustly iterative design development process that integrates, analysis and deployment of team skills, concept exploration, experimentation, advanced manufacture, communication and presentation

* understand the opportunities, principles and practice of new manufacturing technologies and the disciplines of designing for them

* assume responsibility for self-directed learning, time management, work rate, management of team skills and achievement of learning outcomes.

NOTES PS1 and PS2 are twin courses. Lectures will be given to the 2 sections together and the review will be mostly done the leading professors by section. According to skills and competences of the team of professors and instructors, students have also the opportunity to review with professors and instructors of the other section. All exam sessions are joint as well as outdoor experiences.


There are no pre-requisites for attendance.

Modalità di valutazione

The project review regime operates in two distinct ways: individual students and team design process are monitored throughout the project. This is supported by team-centered regular and progress tutorials. The studio staff also record and comment on individuals’ ‘soft’ skills and application to the studio and its challenges. There will be 3 steps of evaluation during the semester: 1) The preliminary research phase, 2)The design and prototyping phase, and 3) The project development (marketing and communication elements) plus a final evaluation. Each day of class is run as a workshop, thus all students are required to work in class and develop their work through the tutorials of the teaching team.The presence is compulsory, and is recorded by the teaching team so to add up to the required 70% of presence to the full studio.


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Laboratorio Informatico
Laboratorio Sperimentale
Laboratorio Di Progetto
Totale 120:00 180:00

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