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Anno Accademico 2016/2017
Scuola Scuola del Design
Insegnamento 098329 - CONTEMPORARY INTERIORS
Docente Irace Fulvio
Cfu 6.00 Tipo insegnamento Monodisciplinare

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The Second World War marked a watershed between the first and the second half of the twentieth century, accelerating the processes of revision - and even disintegration - of modernism as emerged at the turn of the twentieth century in Europe. Not only the language of rationalism was in crisis, but the same statute of modern architecture seemed, in fact, obsolete with respect to needs and aspirations of Western society at the dawn of reconstruction. The course aims to examine, through a series of case studies, the basic steps of this change in taste and research, highlighting the increasingly important role assumed by the definition of new landscapes. In particular, the course focuses on three periods of time: the twenty years '50-'60; the period between the late '60s and the beginning of the 80s; the postmodern condition and the digital one. We'll examine the role of the avant-garde of the critique of functionalism and prefiguring the contemporary city, presenting a reading of groups such as the Situationist International, the Radicals, the technological utopias and those megastructural. Particular attention will be devoted to the analysis of the relationship between art, architecture, design both in the sense of collaboration, and in that of contamination between different media in the development of a new vision of the concepts of space, use, and sociality . The theme of the "future" - the constant thought of the whole of Western culture from the era of early industrialization forward - will be investigated in the variety of proposals for new domestic spaces and urban, to the extreme consequences caused by the stabilization of digital media in the proposed virtual reality. The topics of study will include the following topics: From the Village Outlets Department Stores. The city as a work of art impressionist and Situationist Paris. Visions of the contemporary flaneur. From 'Situationist International to Occupy Wall Street: new maps of the city. Radicals: art as anthropology of modern man. The city which is renewed: aesthetics of the window From the Crystal Palace to the Fun Palace. Internal hybrids: walways, malls, pedestrian areas, waterfront Aesthetics of superplaces: Art museums and environment House of the future: from architectural design to the foreshadowing of cinema. The final part of the course is to examine the legacies of this revolution in interior in recent decades, leaving space for the direct voice of some of the great protagonists of the Italian scene. Will be organized visits to exhibitions and places relevant themes of the course, which will be considered as an integral part of the entire series of lectures.

Note Sulla Modalità di valutazione

The examination will focus on an interview which can be accessed with the presentation of one or more papers to be discussed during the year with the professor and his assistants. It is required compiling a notebook of the lessons that will be part of the final presentation. The course includes visits to exhibitions, museums, public and private, of which the student will be instructed to prepare a report in the manner agreed. On some of the issues considered will be provided from time to time or a specific bibliography abstracts of texts. For a general assessment also aims to reading at least one of the texts listed in the bibliography.

Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaAnna Chiara Cimoli, Musei effimeri. Allestimenti di mostre in Italia 1949/1963, Editore: Il Saggiatore, Anno edizione: 2007
Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaFulvio Irace, Dimenticare Vitruvio, Editore: Lampi di Stampa, Anno edizione: 2008
Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaI±aki ¿balos, The Good Life: A Guided Visit to the Houses of Modernity , Editore: Gustavo Gili, Anno edizione: 2001
Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaPenny Spark, The Modern Interior, Editore: Reaktion Books, Anno edizione: 2008
Risorsa bibliografica obbligatoriaF.Irace (a cura di), Storie di Interni. L'architettura dello spazio domestico moderno, Editore: Carocci, Anno edizione: 2015

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