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Anno Accademico 2016/2017
Scuola Scuola di Architettura Urbanistica Ingegneria delle Costruzioni
Docente Berlingieri Fabrizia , Di Vita Stefano , Privileggio Nicolo'
Cfu 14.00 Tipo insegnamento Laboratorio

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Arc - Urb - Cost (Mag.)(ord. 270) - MI (1136) ARCHITETTURAE12AZZZZD093380 - TOWN PLANNING DESIGN WORKSHOP

Programma dettagliato e risultati di apprendimento attesi

Town Planning and Design Workshop


Designing networks in Milan metropolitan region



The workshop puts forward as a theme an exploratory design proposal aiming at re-interpreting the role of physical networks in the design of the city. The crisis of old models of capitalist land development and the raise of a strong awareness about the importance of environmental quality and of the preservation of the land as a Commons have made, in recent years, physical networks worth a necessary reconsideration, in their functional, structural and morphological roles in the European urban regions.

Water system, mobility infrastructures, ecological /environmental corridors… the project of networks is today a crucial theme of urban renovation, especially in light of the environmental fragility resulting from a sprawling urbanization. Problems such as the management of the water cycle, the enhancement of public transport, the developments of alternative modes of urban mobility, cannot be tackled just locally but require strategies putting the focus back onto the capillary and widespread character of networks, on their performance in terms of connectivity, accessibility and permeability to flows. At the same time, it seems necessary to transcend a merely technical approach that frames networks in specialized disciplines; the workshop will rather try to develop architectural strategies being able to achieve a comprehensive, synthetic perspective on problems, focusing on networks capacity of influencing and transforming the form of the city.

Some areas within Milan metropolitan region will be proposed as case-studies. As a working hypothesis, physical networks will be considered both as infrastructures influencing spatial relationships, and as material artifacts in becoming that might generate a new "architecture of the city", connected to contemporary practices and lifestyles or related to new models of production. Starting from the interpretation of the context, students will be stimulated to elaborate an experimental, culturally sensitive design proposal cross-cutting the diverse scales of the urban form. The traditional design approach “from general to particular” will be challenged and replaced by a deep investigation on the interdependence between architecture and land construction.


Main objectives

The workshop will focus on the practice of ‘design’ as a particular form of enquiry into the built environment. Students work will be directed at understanding how current design culture and practice can adequately cope with ongoing urban changes, how can we redefine design tools in relation to the actual dynamics of urban transformation and, finally, how present urban challenges feed back into the theory of design. All workshop activity is oriented to give advanced design tools to handle complexity in process of city construction.  The unit allow students to develop an open-minded, historically informed approach to issues of contemporary urban design.


Unit organization

The unit work is divided among two equally important parts: design workshop and lectures. The design workshop is the unit's core activity. Students will work in small groups (2/3 people) or individually, depending on the total number of students. Regular design reviews will be provided by members of the teaching staff. Intermediate presentations will challenge students to clearly communicate and to discuss the main topics of their work-in-progress. The presentations will serve as major forums for debate among students, teaching staff and invited visiting scholars or practitioners.

Theoretical lectures and seminars with invited guests will be focused on two main topics: (1) the meaning and the diverse interpretations of the relationship between architectural design and the project on the city in the tradition of the Twentieth Century; (2) current discourses and debates around the role of design within the on-going process of city transformation.

At the end of the course, students will produce an exhaustive full presentation of their design proposal; students are expected to present both drawings and written texts. The presentation will be followed by discussion with the teaching staff and invited visiting critics. 

Note Sulla Modalità di valutazione


The final assessment will be mainly based on the followings points (the list doesn't represent an order of priority):

- knowledge and understanding of the main topics addressed by lectures (included quoted texts and projects) and workshop bibliography (at least mandatory texts).  

- quality of design proposal in terms of clarity, coherence, and relevance to the workshop topics. Students shell demonstrate capacity to understand the research-by-design method and to handle complexity in planning process.

- students' capacity to discuss their design objectives and choices and to critically address issues related to the transformation of contemporary urban environment.

- students' ability to communicate their work in a clear and appropriate way. Drawing and linguistic accuracy in all design process will be especially evaluated.

- engagement in the workshop activities including lectures, seminars and group discussions.

- learning skills in terms of autonomy and self-organization ability.







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