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Anno Accademico 2016/2017
Scuola Scuola di Architettura Urbanistica Ingegneria delle Costruzioni
Docente Ingersoll Richard Joseph
Cfu 4.00 Tipo insegnamento Monodisciplinare

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Programma dettagliato e risultati di apprendimento attesi

Teaching and research will be focused on the theory and practice of contemporary architecture of the last decades, in the way to provide the means to study research techniques for the theory and practice of design. We should recognize the complexity of the reality before us as the only possible path for architectural design. The plurality of positions that correspond to this complexity will be approached through the main structure of this course, which includes a large spectrum of topics that are traditionally encountered in this field of research. Therefore the course program will be mostly centered on critical study of the work of reference authors, their modes of writing, conceptual assumptions and design methodologies, and on exploration of some of the most significant ongoing phenomena that have scattered new debates about architecture, city and territory with attempt to introduce new design paradigms and to open new project perspectives (new geographies, ecology, science).

The course is organized around a number of weekly lectures, seminars and series of events and debates.

Lectures would provide the core of the course and will face some of actual questions of contemporary architectural theory aiming to understand the history of the discipline and the ways in which social, political and cultural aspirations become effective arguments in particular accounts of architectural and urban modernity; to investigate design processes and technologies of architectural and urban analysis in the context of recent cultural and geo-political changes.

The research work is aimed to providing students with an insight into the theories and methodologies that will enable them not just to comprehend better recent architectural debate and the main design theories, architectural positions and the cultural context but also to understand the relation between architecture and the other disciplines and to apply reflective practices to architectural design. Design is based on knowledge linked to action and requires action to be taken and it will never be the result of applying set formulae but it emerges from the close dialectic relationship between thought and action. Thus active participation in discussion, inquiring, research originality and autonomy and in particular group work will be highly appreciated and encouraged.

Series of lectures and conferences with distinguished scholars and practitioners will bring to the course a diversity of perspectives and skills and will build a platform for critical enquiry into history and engagement with contemporary architectural knowledge and the cultures of the city.

General bibliographical references will be suggested at the beginning of the course while a specific bibliography will be provided during the course in relation with the lectures and seminars.


Note Sulla Modalità di valutazione

Students will pursue a research project in groups following the guidelines and respecting the deadlines provided at the beginning of the course. The first few weeks will be dedicated to the selection of the research subjects which will be discussed and improved during the seminars.

During the course students will have opportunity of taking written mid-term test based on assigned readings, lectures, seminars and class discussions.

The final examination is just oral and will be primarily based on the final presentation of the research work followed by discussion.

For attending students the final evaluation will be based on individual mid-term test score and on the final presentation group evaluation.

For non attending students final examination is oral and written and the final evaluation will be based on individual research and on bibliography that has to be defined at the beginning of the course.

Research deadlines, mid-term test schedule, grading system and grading criteria will be presented at the beginning of the course.

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