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Anno Accademico 2016/2017
Scuola Scuola di Architettura Urbanistica Ingegneria delle Costruzioni
Docente Valente Marco Vincenzo
Cfu 6.00 Tipo insegnamento Monodisciplinare

Corso di Studi Codice Piano di Studio preventivamente approvato Da (compreso) A (escluso) Nome Sezione Insegnamento

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The course deals with Mechanics of Steel and Reinforced Concrete Structures and Structural Design, presenting the essential theory required for the design of structural members made of these traditional construction materials.

The course is devised for students who possess a sound knowledge in statics and structural mechanics, and it is propaedeutic to the Building Technology Studio at the second year of the Master programme.


Course goals are:

1. to deepen the theme of pre-design (and check) of structures for simple to medium-complex architectural projects;
2. to highlight the correlations between the architectonic configuration and the static burden of the structural elements (primary and secondary) as a consequence of the structural model assumed at the base of the design, of the selected materials, and of the functional requirements for the construction;
3. to present the more common structural details for reinforce concrete constructions and for steel constructions, highlighting the static behaviour, the normative requirements, the durability, the rules of good practice, the use of the structural detail as a characterizing element of the architectonic plan.


With reference to the abovementioned goals, the course topics can be broadly subdivided into 3 parts of different duration, according to the importance and the temporal sequence of the lections.


Course topics:

Part 1) Basis of Design.
Structural Analysis of statically indeterminate beams and plane frames with the direct displacements method.
Probabilistic rationale of the Ultimate Limit State design method according to the Eurocode 0 (characteristic values of loads and strength, design values, partial safety factors).
Characterization of vertical, horizontal, thermal, snow and wind loads according to Eurocode 1.
Analysis of the load path and identification of tributary areas of structural members of common structural configuration for RC and Steel constructions.

Part 2) Reinforced Concrete constructions and Eurocode 2.
Mechanical properties of concrete, of reinforcement and of reinforced concrete.
Design and validation at the Ultimate Limit State of members in flexure, members subject to shear force, members subject to axial load and bending moment.
Aspects related to anchorage and curtailment of reinforcement and members' connections.
Introduction to design of foundations.

Part 3) Steel constructions and Eurocode 3:
Materials characteristic for steel and bolts.
Serviceability Limit States and limits on deflections.
Ultimate Limit States design of members in tension, members in flexure, members subject to shear force, members subject to axial load and bending moment.
Initial design of bolted connections and welded connections subject to static loading.


The course comprises lectures ex-cathedra that present and develop the material of the above-listed topics.
Design exercises will encourage the students to analyze the structural behaviour of some architectural works.

Note Sulla Modalità di valutazione

Students will be graded on the results of intermediate written tests, a final oral exam might be required at the decision of the teacher. The intermediate written tests are eminently practical, in that a student is required to apply what was presented in the Lectures, complemented with some questions about the theoretical aspects explained during the lessons. The additional written test is practical as well, but comprises all the topics of the Lectures of the course plus the theory. The oral exam is theoretical, in that students are required to present, demonstrate, expose and discuss the material and equations presented in the Lectures.

Students that have passed the intermediate tests can be offered a grade. If they refuse they can sit an oral exam in a single official exam date, at their own choice. If they fail the oral exam they will be regarded as students that failed the intermediate tests.

Students that failed, or did not attend, the intermediate tests are required to pass an overall written test in any official exam date, at their choice, before either be offered a mark or be requested to sit an oral exam in a future date (the mark will be the average between the written exam and the oral test).

Note that there are at least six official exam dates for taking the written exam. On average the oral exam takes place within 10 working days from the written test (remember to take some extra day allowance before planning your travels).

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available as e-book form campus computers

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available as e-book form campus computers

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avalilable at the central library

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