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Anno Accademico 2015/2016
Tipo incarico Dottorato
Docente Ardagna Danilo
Cfu 5.00 Tipo insegnamento Monodisciplinare

Corso di Dottorato Da (compreso) A (escluso) Insegnamento

Programma dettagliato e risultati di apprendimento attesi

Aims and learning outcomes

This course proposes a student work of interdisciplinary nature. 

The course is atypical and experimental. Students will be asked to participate to small projects that will be mentored by two tutors working on different research areas, chosen either within the Computer Engineering Area of Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione (DEI), or across areas, or across departments; one tutor should belong to the Computer Engineering Area.

The project will focus on a multidisciplinary problem, emphasizing the  requirements specification, feasibility analysis, and the design of the envisioned solution; these will be the project outcomes.  Cutting edge technologies but also experimental solutions result of the most recent DEI research will be considered as a baseline.  A prototype providing the proof-of-concept of the solution is welcome but is not expected.

The aim of the multidisciplinary projects course is to combine the students’ (vertical) disciplinary knowledge from the MS Computer Science program with interdisciplinary (horizontal) skills that are needed to work in a truly multidisciplinary environment, which characterizes the current industry trends. 

In order to develop the foundations of students’ horizontal skills and the ability to work effectively in a group, lectures focusing on design methods and innovation management in a social context will be provided online.


The first two lectures of the course will be dedicated to provide an overview of the content of the course lectures about innovation management and design methods, and to the presentation of projects proposals. 

Projects will be developed by group of up four students and will provide the basis for an evaluation of three credits.

Lectures on interdisciplinary aspects will be provided on-line through the dedicated YouTube channel available. The lectures are a subset of the Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP) Courses on interdisciplinary issues, methods and models of innovation provided by the ASP program. These lectures are based on seminars given by prominent international professors from Universities all over the world.  The students then will be asked to discuss in a critical way and provide their personal interpretation of the on-line lecture contents. The discussion will be lead alternatively by different groups of students and the leadership and participation to the discussion will be part of the final evaluation.

The projects will be monitored through a follow-up and feedback, using three follow-up sessions that will be scheduled (requirements definition, mid-term, and final evaluation); presentation skills exhibited by the group will contribute to the evaluation.


Student workload will be compatible with the 5 credits. Lecturing will consists of about 4hrs dedicated to organization and management, online lectures for about 10hrs, and general discussions for about 6hrs (total of 20 hrs). Project work will require individual and team work, whose impact will be variable but generally defined by tutors so as to be sized within 50-60 total hrs for each student.

Week 1

  • Lecture 1: Course objectives and introduction to multidisciplinary issues, methods and models of innovation topics
  • Lecture 2: Project proposals presentation

Week 2:

  • Project assignment

Week 2-4 (online):

  • Independent vision and study on “design methods”

Week 4

  • Lecture 3: Discussion on design methods
  • Project requirements presentations (open participation for tutors)

Week 5-7 (online)

  • Independent vision and study on “Innovation and society”

Week 7

  • Lecture 4: Discussion on innovation and society
  • Mid-term project presentations (open participation for tutors)

Week 8-11 (online)

  • Independent vision and study on “Innovation management”

Week 11

  • Lecture 5: Discussion on innovation management
  • Final project presentation (open participation for tutors)


Further information

Project selection will be performed by students, who after project presentations will indicate their preferences. Matching will attempt to satisfy the majority of students while, at the same time, allocating students to the majority of projects and satisfying projects pre-requisites.

Note Sulla Modalità di valutazione

The final grade for the individual students will be obtained according to the following criteria: 

  • Preparation of discussion session, control of content to be disclosed and ability in leading it by engaging the class (20%)
  • Presentation skills as assessed during requirement, mid-term and final presentations (20%)
  • Mid-term project presentation – focus on method (20%)
  • Final project presentation – focus on result (40%)

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Risorsa bibliografica facoltativaTanya Augsburg, Becoming Interdisciplinary: An Introduction To Interdisciplinary Studies , Editore: Paperback, Anno edizione: 2006
Risorsa bibliografica facoltativaJulie Thompson Klein, Transdisciplinarity: Joint Problem Solving Among Science, Technology, and society, Editore: Birkhauser, Anno edizione: 2001
Risorsa bibliografica facoltativaJulie Thompson Klein., Interdisciplinarity: History, Theory, and Practice , Editore: Paperback, Anno edizione: 1990

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Note Docente
7/3/2016 - 30/6/2016 The course is provided also to Master of studies program. PhD students will supervise and coordinate master level students's work.
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