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Scheda Riassuntiva
Anno Accademico 2007/2008
Facoltà Scuola del Design
Docente Di Sabatino Peter Arthur , Muller Holger , Pierandrei Fabrizio Maria
Cfu 20.00 Tipo insegnamento Corso Integrato

Programma dettagliato e risultati di apprendimento attesi
The importance of design is very visible in any product existing on the market, however is a matter of fact that never as today the product definition is just a part of the design process.
The complexity and evolution of the market and new social dynamics force the Companies to develop a strategy able to embrace a wide number of realities.
Final target is to make their presence visible and to create a distinctive identity in relation to the strong competition present on the market.
In the nowadays saturated market the product is nothing but the mean to share an experience, the common vision of lifestyle that is evoque by the brand identity.
For this reason the traditional approach to industrial design, once defined by several separated steps (graphic, product, interior, service) is replaced by a new systematic attitude by which all these disciplines are coordinated into the unique definition of a system.
Product increases its power if connected with the concept of space in which it will be display or of event of which it will be the main character or again of emotion it is able to communicate.

The final synthesis design studio intends to guide the students through the obsevation of contemporary phenomena in different sectors (food, fashion, travels, leisure, entertainment, etc.), the analysis of acquired informations, the definition of contemporary trends and the drawing of possible future scenarios.
On these basis a product with corresponding retail environment and communication strategies will be developped to define a complete product-service-system.

Note Sulla Modalità di valutazione
Durante il semestre sono previste prove in itinere, che concorrono a determinare una valutazione che verrà integrata con una prova scritta e/o orale sull'intero programma.

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Gobe M., Emotional Branding: The New Paradigm for Connecting Brands to People, Allworth Press, (USA), 2001

(more to be reported during the design sessions)

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