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Dati Insegnamento
Anno Accademico 2022/2023
Corso di Studi Dott. - MI (1367) Architettura, Ingegneria delle Costruzioni e Ambiente Costruito / Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering
Anno di Corso 1

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Codice Identificativo 056413
Crediti Formativi Universitari (CFU) 5.0
Programma sintetico The course aims to investigate themes, tools and specific compositional techniques pertaining to the architectural project through the integrated reading of crucial topics, paradigmatic architectural works and contexts. Design procedures and contemporary topics will be investigated from theoretical and methodological points of view, highlighting the link between the theoretic and the analytical moment, with reference to both urban and architectural scale. The object of the project is understood as a theoretical construction based on rules and principles, which makes it readable, describable and transmissible. The theoretical and methodological components are the basis of design project development and constitute the foundations and the very essence of the project, i.e. its very reason for being. It is in the clear awareness of the shared theoretical principles, the methodological development, as well as the coherence between formal language and constructive choices, that we can legitimise the reasons of design and measure the quality of its response. At the same time, the project will be investigated as an intersection of different types of knowledge and as the place where various disciplines meet, involving issues such as: the place, the theme, the relationship between old and new, the typological choices, the challenges of sustainability, the construction dimension of its elements. By intertwining these various aspects in making architecture, the project affirms its nature of synthesis of a multi-stage cognitive process. To articulate the richness of the points of view, the course is structured as an integrated seminar selecting a range of topics and making use of a wealth of contributions, in the form of communications carried out by the proponents integrated by guest speakers. In contrast to the arbitrariness of much of contemporary architecture, the course aims to provide architectural PhD students with the necessary and adequate theoretical and methodological apparatus enabling them to investigate independently the issues related to the contemporary debate beyond easy buzzwords and simplifications too often underlying the mainstream themes.
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A ZZZZ Pezzetti Laura Anna, Caja Michele Giovanni
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