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Anno Accademico 2021/2022
Corso di Studi Dott. - MI (1384) Ingegneria Strutturale, Sismica, Geotecnica / Structural Seismic and Geotechnical Engineering
Anno di Corso 1

Scheda Insegnamento
Codice Identificativo 051859
Denominazione Insegnamento NON-LINEAR SOLID MECHANICS
Crediti Formativi Universitari (CFU) 5.0
Programma sintetico Rigorous introduction to nonlinear solid mechanics, especially addressing finite kinematics, material frame indifference, constitutive models within a thermodynamic framework. Analysis of nonlinear material behaviors: hyperelasticity, elastoplasticity, viscosity. Specific topics: 1-Kinematics of deformations. Transformations, motions, kinematics of local deformation. Finite rotations, the polar decomposition. 2-Conservation laws. Conservation of mass. Conservation of linear momentum. Conservation of angular momentum. Conservation of energy. The principle of virtual work. Basic on thermodynamics for constitutive laws. 3-Constitutive theories. Coleman-Noll's theory of equilibrium constitutive equations. Material frame indifference. Thermodynamic potentials (Helmoltz, Enthalpy, Gibbs energy). Kinetic relations. Material classification. 4-Finite hyperelasticity. Elastic symmetry. Internal constraints. Elastic materials: isotropic, transversally isotropic, anisotropic materials. 5-Finite plasticity. Multiplicative decomposition of the deformation gradient. Exponential and logarithmic mapping. J2 plasticity. Pressure dependent plasticity. 6-Special materials: fiber reinforced tissues, liquid crystals. TEACHING ORGANIZATION The course, taking place in November - December 2017, is composed of 14 modules of 2 hours each plus a final 1-hour seminar. Both blackboard and computer slides will be used. Most of the lectures will deal with theoretical explanations and proofs. One hour out of four will discuss practical examples and applications. Standard textbooks in continuum mechanics will be adopted. Electronic copies of the lectures will be available to the attendees 24 hours before each class. Further readings and exercise material will be suggested for each specific topic. The learning evaluation will consist in a theoretical exam (written or oral) on the whole program to be taken under individual appointment.
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Codice SSD Descrizione SSD CFU

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A ZZZZ Pandolfi Anna Marina
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