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Anno Accademico 2021/2022
Corso di Studi Dott. - MI (1373) Bioingegneria / Bioengineering
Anno di Corso 1

Scheda Insegnamento
Codice Identificativo 055109
Denominazione Insegnamento EXPERIMENTAL BIOMECHANICS
Crediti Formativi Universitari (CFU) 5.0
Programma sintetico The course will provide an overview on a variety of methods and techniques currently used in the field of experimental biomechanics to characterize and test biological tissues, biomaterials and biomedical devices at different scales. By the end of the course the students are expected to learn: i) to design adequate experimental set-ups meant to answer specific research questions, ii) to perform the experimental tests, iii) to critically evaluate the test results, highlighting weaknesses and strength of a variety of techniques. Introduction to basics of experimental biomechanics: aims, methods and applications. Measures of displacements and strains: Strain Gauges, extensometers, Digital Image Correlation. Measurement of the range of motion and load-sharing of spinal constructs (seminar). Design of measurement systems and testing equipment for biomechanical devices. Measurements of viscosity for a non-Newtonian fluid (laboratory). Design of a test bench for the cardiovascular system (seminar). Measurements of fluid velocity on scaffolds/microchips: micro-Particle Image Velocimetry (laboratory, seminar). Measurement of mechanical properties of materials for medical devices: Nitinol for stents and sutures (laboratory, seminar). Mechanical properties of biological tissues and biomaterials: phenomenological aspects, constitutive laws. Measurements of visco (poro)- elastic behaviour of biological tissues and biomaterial (laboratory). The course will be organized in: theoretical lectures, experimental laboratories, and seminars held by invited experts. The theoretical lectures will provide basic concepts and techniques in the field of experimental biomechanics. Whenever possible, dedicated experimental laboratories will provide direct experience on how to apply the concepts presented during the lectures to answer specific research questions. Seminars, held by invited experts, will open students perspectives on open research questions and innovative methods. The material presented during lectures and seminars, as well as selected scientific paper will be shared as pdf files format. Depending on the needs, virtual lectures, seminars and laboratories could also be recorded and shared with students. The final examination will consist in the oral discussion of a technical document or paper on a specific topic in the experimental biomechanics field. The topic could be freely proposed by the students, based on their interests in relation with their PhD project.
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A ZZZZ La Barbera Luigi, Bianchi Elena, Boschetti Federica, Pennati Giancarlo, Villa Tomaso Maria Tobia
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